Ambient Air Pollution from Urban Transport in India

A new paper in Economic and Political Weekly discusses exposure to air pollution due to transport in India:

“Publishing high-resolution maps and data increase public awareness, helping citizens understand the air quality in their local area. Informing citizens with the most accurate and detailed air quality information is essential
to building public support for ambitious air quality management programmes. At the same time, targeted source-specific studies along roadways and in the vicinity of congested intersections are critical tools for fast and effective interventions.”

“Guided by an explicit framework of prevention and protection, action must include: exposure assessment, health surveillance; air quality monitoring and data mapping of pollution sources and the proximate most vulnerable groups; collecting and reporting daily air quality data; and, disseminating health information such as what effects may be experienced as a result of pollution exposure, and measures citizens can take to reduce their risk.”

Read more about India’s vehicle emissions here , here and  here.


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