AQ in India Newsletter- December 2016

Media articles 


Delhi Smog Episode

In response, CPCB came up with a Graded Air Pollution Emergency Action Plan:


Peer-reviewed Research Papers

To combat air inequality, governments and researchers must open their data [Commentary, not peer-reviewed]

  • Highlighting Uncertainty and Recommendations for Improvement of Black Carbon Biomass Fuel-Based Emission Inventories in the Indo-Gangetic Plain Region [Current Environmental Health Reports, Link]
  • Exposure science in an age of rapidly changing climate: challenges and opportunities [Global] [JESEE, Link]


  • Haze, public health and mitigation measures in China: A review of the current evidence for further policy response [Global] [Science of the Total Environment, Link]
  •  Water soluble inorganic species of PM10 and PM2.5 at an urban site of Delhi, India: Seasonal variability and sources [Atmospheric Research, Link]
  •  Size distributions of n-alkanes, fatty acids and fatty alcohols in springtime aerosols from New Delhi, India [Environmental Pollution, Link]
  • Estimation of risk factor of elements and PAHs in size-differentiated particles in the National Capital Region of India [Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, Link]
  • Characteristics of Exposure to Particles due to Incense Burning inside Temples in Kanpur, India [AAQR, Link]
  • Extreme Events of Reactive Ambient Air Pollutants and their Distribution Pattern at Urban Hotspots [AAQR, Link]
  • Atmospheric Dispersion of PM2.5 Precursor Gases from Two Major Thermal Power Plants in Andhra Pradesh, India [AAQR, Link]
  • Significance of PM2.5 Air Quality at the Indian Capital [AAQR, Link]
  • Sensitivity Analysis of CALINE4 Model under Mix Traffic Conditions [AAQR, Link]
  • Bryomonitoring of Atmospheric Elements in Rhodobryum giganteum (Schwaegr.) Par., Growing in Uttarakhand Region of Indian Himalayas [AAQR, Link]
  • Low Molecular Weight Monocarboxylic Acids in PM2.5 and PM10: Quantification, Seasonal Variation and Source Apportionment [AAQR, Link]
  •  Light Absorbing Properties of Brown Carbon Generated from Pyrolytic Combustion of Household Biofuels [AAQR, Link]
  • Variability of tropospheric columnar NO2 and SO2 over eastern Indo-Gangetic Plain and impact of meteorology [Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, Link]
  • Contamination of building roof dust in India [Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, Link]
  •  Short term effects of criteria air pollutants on daily mortality in Delhi, India [Atmospheric Environment, Link]
  • Evaluating spatial distribution and seasonal variation of phthalates using passive air sampling in southern India [Environmental Pollution, Link]
  • Exposure assessment of children to particulate matter and gaseous species in school environments of Pune, India  [Building and Environment, Link]
  • Indoor Particulate Matter < 2.5 μm in Mean Aerodynamic Diameter and Carbon Monoxide Levels During the Burning of Mosquito Coils and Their Association With Respiratory Health [Chest, Link]
  •  Observations of ambient trace gas and PM10 concentrations at Patna, Central Ganga Basin during 2013–2014: The influence of meteorological variables on atmospheric pollutants [Atmospheric Research, Link]
  •  Meridional gradients in aerosol vertical distribution over Indian Mainland: Observations and model simulations [Atmospheric Environment, Link]
  • Dual carbon isotope characterization of total organic carbon in wintertime carbonaceous aerosols from northern India [JGR-Atmospheres, Link]
  • Municipal solid waste and dung cake burning: discoloring the Taj Mahal and human health impacts in Agra [Environmental Research Letters, Link]
  •  Comparison of Two Receptor Model Techniques for the Size Fractionated Particulate Matter Source Apportionment [AAQR, Link]
  •  Human health risk assessment of airborne trace elements in Dhanbad, India [Atmospheric Pollution Research, Link]
  •  A preliminary approach of the spatio-temporal distribution of cationic aerosol components in the ambient atmosphere of Kochi, India [Atmospheric Pollution Research, Link]
  •  WRF-Chem simulated surface ozone over South Asia during the pre-monsoon: Effects of emission inventories and chemical mechanisms [ACPD, Link]
  •  Chemical characterization of rainwater at a high-altitude site “Nainital” in the central Himalayas, India [Environmental Science and Pollution Research , Link]

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Delhi OpenAQ Workshop (November 2016): Info, Materials, Results, Press and Data Use Cases-

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