Workshop on Air Quality Management

What: A workshop on Air Quality Management (AQM)

When: September 27th , 2017

Where: Mumbai

Organizers: SDG Foundation and IFAT India

Contact: Dr. Shrikar Dole (shrikardole[at]sdg-foundation[dot]org)

The following text has been provided by the SDG Foundation, and has only been lightly edited for brevity. 


Air Quality Management has drawn attention of the policymakers, regulators, city managers and industries at the national, state as well as city level. The urban areas and industrial sector are significant contributors of air pollution.

Notified industry emission regulations and National Ambient Air Quality Standards have an important role to play in improving air quality. The authorities have issued stringent directives for automated monitoring to Industries and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). Unfortunately, there has been little progress or accomplishment on the ground and the air pollution levels in cities and around industrial estates has been found at alarming levels. Poor understanding and weak institutional capacities is one of the major bottlenecks.

This workshop will bring together a range of stakeholders to discuss and to share technologies, knowledge and experience on AQM. The idea is to provide an all round perspective on AQM to industry and cities to allow them to take an informed decision on actions for their AQM Plans.

Expert Speakers

  1. Dr. P. Anbalagan, Member Secretary, Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board
  2. Dr. Meinolf Drueeke, State Agency for Environment, Nature Conservation & Geology, MBUB, Germany
  3. Dr Prasad Modak, Environment Management Center, Mumbai (profile)
  4. Dr Gufran Beig, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune (profile)
  5. Dr. V. M. Motghare, Joint Director (Air), MPCB and
  6. Technology Company (TBD)

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