How do residents of Delhi perceive air pollution?

In 2016, Clean Air Asia- India launched the Youth for Clean Air Network (YCAN) as a voluntary platform to engage young people in finding solutions for better air quality in Indian cities. YCan is involved primarily in evidence based advocacy and finding local innovative solutions to meet the challenge of air pollution.

In April 2017, the group undertook a survey across Delhi (1500 respondents across four zones) to understand people’s understanding and perceptions on air pollution.

A few excerpts from the survey report:

Prarthana Borah, Director, Clean Air Asia-India:

“In fact, it was interesting that people connected pollution to traffic immediately but very few talked about waste and transboundary issues. Also, pollution and its impacts were more familiar to people who had a direct impact from it like roadside tea stall owners, auto rickshaw drivers and women who used traditional cookstoves.

With regard to health impacts more people could make a connection especially because itchy eyes and cough are becoming more and more common for them in Delhi.”

From Anirudh, a YCAN volunteer:

“In the Haiderpur area most respondents live in slums. They identified waste burning as a huge issue that causes air pollution. But, when authorities came to the area to oppose the practice, residents of the area resisted as there were no other waste disposal options.”

The full report is available for download  > Public Perception Survey Report_CAA 2017-18 or you can access it online.

News coverage (2017)   

50 students hit streets to study Delhi air quality

US embassy, students promote air quality awareness in Delhi

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