Spotlight: AirOK Technologies

*Please note that the profile does not indicate endorsement of the products.* 

AirOK team

AirOK was founded in 2015 by three IIT Madras graduates, who shared the vision of developing solutions that will address air pollution, which is a serious threat facing the world at large. Mr. Deekshith Vara Prasad who founded this company along with Pavan Reddy and Sravan Krishna worked on Air quality management project during his graduation at IIT Madras realised that the drastic deterioration in air quality has been driven by newer range of pollutants, which have changed over the years and the need of the hour is a solution that will counter all types of pollutants.

A short Q & A with Deekshith Vara Prasad, CEO of AirOK:

What is the product line up at AirOK? What’s unique about the products?

AirOk air purifier.png

AirOK product line include wide range of Air quality management solutions. We have developed first indigenously developed Indoor Air purifier with unique patented filter technology. We are also expanding our clean air solution to outdoor air purification by building Ambient air purification station. We are also working air purification inside kitchens and automobiles. AirOK also working on Air quality monitoring solutions using sensors for future smart cites in India.

Are the air purifiers tested under laboratory conditions for efficiency?

AirOK indoor air purifiers were tested both in laboratories and field conditions. It has third party certification (Shriram Institute for Industrial Research Laboratories and IIT Madaras) and product testimonials from various organisations.

How big is the team at AirOK? What are some of the skills that are key to the business model of the company?

Currently AirOK is an 18 member team. Being passionate toward solving the real problem to make India a safe place in term of air quality is what we looking for along with some technical knowledge in filtration technologies.

What are some of the challenges as a business in the air pollution domain?  

Major challenge would be the invisibility factor. There is not much awareness built on bad air quality, which makes us work on creating awareness on affects of bad air quality. There is always a skepticism involved in air purification due to this invisibility factor.

We believe in product speaking rather than we speaking, just leaving our demo units with the customer to feel the difference. Cost is also a very sensitive parameter. For other products, the customer is aware of what he is buying, but in this case, he needs to believe what sales guy says because no one can see air.

Also, there are many products in the market but hardly 2 to 3 Qualified R&D centers for research and testing.

What are your plans for the next year?

We are planning to expand globally with our current product, indoor air purifier and launch two other key innovative products into the market in next one year.


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