Disease burden of air pollution in India

A new paper in The Lancet entitled “The impact of air pollution on deaths, disease burden, and life expectancy across the states of India: the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017” was published on December 5, 2018. 

The article is open access and is available here

Key findings:  

Annual population-weighted mean exposure to ambient particulate matter PM2·5 in India was 89·9 μg/m3 (95% uncertainty interval [UI] 67·0–112·0) in 2017. 

Delhi had the highest annual population-weighted mean PM2·5 in 2017, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Haryana in north India, all with mean values greater than 125 μg/m3

Figure: PM2·5 concentration and use of solid fuels in the states of India, 2017; A: Population-weighted mean ambient air PM2·5 and B: Proportion of population using solid fuels (credit: India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative Air Pollution Collaborators, 2018) 

1·24 million (1·09–1·39) deaths in India in 2017, which were 12·5% of the total deaths, were attributable to air pollution, including 0·67 million (0·55–0·79) from ambient particulate matter pollution and 0·48 million (0·39–0·58) from household air pollution

Overall message: India has disproportionately high mortality and disease burden due to air pollution. 

Check out PHFI’s tweets on the topic: 

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