Submit an abstract for AGU 2019!

Submit an abstract for the Annual AGU Conference, the largest international Earth and space science meeting in the world !

Session: Air Pollution Extremes in South and Southeast Asia: Observations, Modelling, and Impact Studies (details)

Abstract submission deadline is 31 July.

N.B. : AGU provides limited travel grant opportunities (Berkner and General Student Travel grants) for students and early career scientists (details).

Session description:
Rising anthropogenic emissions in the 21st century over South and Southeast Asia have made these densely-populated regions some of the most polluted in the world. Extensive agricultural burning in the Indo-Gangetic Plain, land conversion and peatland burning in Southeast Asia, along with increasing urban/industrial emissions, and variability in natural sources (dust), have all contributed to extreme levels of air pollution. These diverse emissions have local-to-global implications, including impacts to regional climate (SOx, NOx, BC), human health (PM2.5), crop yields (O3), and hydrological processes (absorbing aerosols). Pollution transport can also impact the atmospheric composition and chemistry in downwind regions and potentially influence the global climate. We invite submissions covering a broad spectrum of observational, modeling, and impact studies of air pollution and its extremes — including characterization of aerosols and trace gases, pollution transport, radiative forcing, and impacts on agriculture and public health — in South and Southeast Asia.

Shradda Dhungel (NASA GISS), Tianjia Liu (Harvard), Ritesh Gautam (EDF)

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