New policy brief from CCAPC

The Collaborative Clean Air Policy Centre has released a new policy brief- Managing Air Quality: Lessons from the American Experience. The brief is written by John Bachmann and edited by Drs. Santosh Harish and Kirk Smith.

This brief is based largely on a critical review of the history of U.S. air pollution programs (Bachmann, 2007), which contains additional details and references for more information. It focuses on air quality management and does not address all provisions of the Clean Air Act.

While AQM could be a good template for action plans under the NCAP in India, it is important to consider beginning with more focused steps. For example, adopting technology-based standards for all major source categories affecting areas with high-levels of particle pollution, before moving to more intensive and time-consuming modeling and strategy development for attainment.

Excerpt from the executive summary

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