CPCB assessment on impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on air quality

On September 23, the 46th Foundation day of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), a report on the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on ambient (outdoor) air quality was released. The report notes that under the lockdown, all transport services (road, air and rail) and activities under sectors including industrial establishments, construction , commercial and hospitality services, etc. were suspended. Essential services were an exception.
This analysis was completed using data from the Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (CAAQM) stations in major cities.

  • The report notes a significant reduction in in PM2.5, PM10 and NO2 levels in the Delhi-NCR region, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Patna.
  • In Indore, reductions in concentrations of NO2 and SO2 were reported.
  • Significant reductions in NO2 levels were reported for most cities for which data was analyzed with the exception of Singrauli and Chennai.

For full analysis and details, please download the report here.

For a list of studies and reports on COVID-19 and air quality in India, please visit this page.

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