APnA City Program for India

Launched in December 2017, the APnA city program is designed to provide a starting point for understanding air pollution in Indian cities. The program currently includes reports on emissions and dispersion modeling results for 50 one-million plus cities in the census. The main focus is on non-Delhi cities, putting together stories for cities with limited information, and … Continue reading APnA City Program for India

New study on adoption and use of LPG in India

Clean cooking energy transitions are extremely challenging to achieve, but they offer enormous potential health, environmental, and societal benefits. A study by researchers from IIASA, the University of British Columbia, and the Stockholm Environment Institute provides new insights about an Indian program that aims to solve one of the most difficult developmental challenges of the … Continue reading New study on adoption and use of LPG in India

Conference Alert!

15th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality (ASAAQ) will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 28th-30th October 2019, and will foster scientific discussion and exchange of information on the latest research and practical applications of atmospheric science to air quality issues. The conference has secured a journal special issue -- … Continue reading Conference Alert!

Submit an abstract for AGU 2019!

Submit an abstract for the Annual AGU Conference, the largest international Earth and space science meeting in the world ! Session: Air Pollution Extremes in South and Southeast Asia: Observations, Modelling, and Impact Studies (details) Abstract submission deadline is 31 July. N.B. : AGU provides limited travel grant opportunities (Berkner and General Student Travel grants) … Continue reading Submit an abstract for AGU 2019!

Policy brief on household air pollution

The Collaborative Clean Air Policy Centre (CCAPC) has released a policy brief on household air pollution entitled The Contribution of Household Fuels to Ambient Air Pollution in India- A Comparison of Recent Estimates. (details) An article in The Wire by Dr. Santosh Harish and Dr. Sarath Guttikunda, both involved in creation of the policy brief, … Continue reading Policy brief on household air pollution

Study to measure pollution exposure of TB patients in India launched!

Dr. Scott Weichenthal at McGill University (Canada) is starting a new project with Dr. Madhukar Pai and Indian partners to measure personal air pollution exposures among TB patients in India. Given their disease status, the patients are likely to be more susceptible to air pollution health effects compared with the general population. At this time, … Continue reading Study to measure pollution exposure of TB patients in India launched!

Spotlight: Jugal Purohit

Jugal Purohit Jugal Purohit is a journalist with 15 years of experience working with print, television and digital platforms. He is currently working with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in New Delhi. While his area of reportage remains conflict and security, he has also extensively reported investigative stories, natural disasters, politics and issues pertaining t0 … Continue reading Spotlight: Jugal Purohit