AAQR: Special Issue

Call for Papers for the special issue “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at Mountain Sites 2017”
Submission deadline: March 31, 2018
The Editorial Office of Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAQR) is issuing this call for papers for a special issue with the theme “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at Mountain Sites “. All high quality scientific papers relevant to this theme are welcome. All accepted papers will be collected in a single volume as a special issue.


This special issue will focus on recent research on atmospheric chemistry and physics in the mountain environment. This includes field measurements of air constituents at mountain sites, analysis of the data and model evaluation of the measurements. Papers presenting scientific findings on the following or related subjects are encouraged:
1. Gaseous components at mountain sites
2. Baseline observations at mountain sites
3. Interpretation of boundary layer and free tropospheric exchange and modeling at mountain sites
4. Aerosol particles, new particle formation and/or size distributions at mountain sites.
5. Aerosol optical properties and remote sensing application in mountain environment
6. Chemistry of fog/cloud, rain, and dew at mountain sites
7. Long-range transport of pollutants.
8. Integration of satellite and mountain observations
9. Atmospheric modeling of data from mountain sites.
The Guidelines for Authors for submitting a manuscript and publication fee policy can be found on the website of AAQR (http://aaqr.org). The deadline for manuscript submission is March 31, 2018. Manuscripts submitted after the deadline are considered only when the space is available. The targeted publication date is December 2018.
If there are any questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to lcwang@csu.edu.tw.

Guest editors

Dr. Shiro Hatakeyama (hatashir@cc.tuat.ac.jp)
Dr. Yasuhito Igarashi (yigarash@mri-jma.go.jp)
Prof. Johannes Stähelin (johannes.staehelin@env.ethz.ch)
Prof. Gannet Hallar (gannet.hallar@dri.edu)
Prof. T.C. Hsiao (tchsiao@ncu.edu.tw)