New report: 20 years of EPCA

Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment (LIFE) has released a short report on the 20 years of EPCA (background: MOEF&CC has recently announced reconstitution of EPCA with the inclusion of more institutions & individuals). Through analysis of publicy available data and RTI responses, LIFE has critiqued the performance of EPCA as an Authority for preventing pollution … Continue reading New report: 20 years of EPCA

Clearing the Air: Seminar Series

Clearing the Air Seminar Series was organised by the Initiative on Climate, Energy and Environment (ICEE) at the Centre for Policy Research (CPR). This series aimed to promote sustained and informed public understanding around the data, impacts, sources and policy challenges involved in clearing Delhi's air. While it focused on the context of Delhi, the series also reflected … Continue reading Clearing the Air: Seminar Series

Ongoing research program in Delhi-NCR

Atmospheric Pollution and Human Health in an Indian Megacity is a four year research programme jointly funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Newton–Bhabha Fund, and the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT). Urban air pollution is a severe problem in India with significant … Continue reading Ongoing research program in Delhi-NCR

WHO releases global air pollution update

***Crossposted from the WHO website***  More than 80% of people living in urban areas that monitor air pollution are exposed to air quality levels that exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) limits. While all regions of the world are affected, populations in low-income cities are the most impacted. According to the latest air quality database, … Continue reading WHO releases global air pollution update

National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)

The goal of the National Clean Air Progamme (NCAP) is to meet the prescribed annual average ambient air quality standards at all locations in the country within a stipulated timeframe. Details of the programme are available here, and public comments are invited until May 17, 2018. The programme was first announced in January 2018 (link), … Continue reading National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)