Bengal Clean Air Network

In West Bengal, a new network has been launched to support work on air pollution- Bengal Clean Air Network (Bengal-CAN). The network aims to spread awareness on the cause and effects of air pollution and create a public demand for clean air in West Bengal.

Bengal Clean Air Network (Bengal CAN) is an initiative by SwitchON Foundation. It follows a similar pattern with multi-stakeholder approach where the focus is not only on policy level changes but also making lifestyle changes among the citizens of 7 non-attainment cities across Bengal. Since the past 3 years it has been extensively working to reduce air pollution in Kolkata with other stakeholders under the campaign called Kolkata Clean Air Network. The network will undertake clean air campaigns will be undertaken and key activities will be conducted to spread awareness about air pollution and its effects and solutions. Doctors, youth and children will play a key role in spreading awareness, being the central influencers in the society.

Some cities in West Bengal are already implementing elaborate plans for air pollution. These require time bound implementation  and strong monitoring in a regional approach. A citizen network such as this is a welcome initiative.

Ms. Anumita RoyChowdhury, CSE

Join Bengal-CAN.

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