C40 Knowledge Hub: Air Quality

C40 Cities has an online platform to provide city practitioners and policymakers with the cutting-edge insights and practical resources necessary to deliver climate actions in cities around the world. Currently, they have a spotlight on air quality! Spotlight On: Clean Air Cities is a curated set of resources aiming to support cities to tackle their air pollution … Continue reading C40 Knowledge Hub: Air Quality

What in the world: Anti-smog towers

2019 isn't the first time we've considered anti-smog towers or outdoor air purifiers. This is not the first time Delhi has experimented with this idea. Before the Commonwealth Games in 2010, an Italian company installed a $300,000-air-filter in Connaught Place, claiming it to be the cleanest spot in Delhi. There are no numbers to back this up, except for … Continue reading What in the world: Anti-smog towers

Air Pollution Web Repository for India

While air pollution has taken prominence in political and public debates in India in the last few years, there has been a misnomer that the research on the subject is lagging and nascent. To put this notion to rest, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) –National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) launched India’s first … Continue reading Air Pollution Web Repository for India

Guide for mapping air pollution

Environmental Defense Fund released Making the Invisible Visible: A guide for mapping hyperlocal air pollution to drive clean air action that provides advice for cities, counties and other local organizations interested in using hyperlocal air quality data to drive tailored solutions for air pollution. What the guide has to offer The guide is organized into three sections: … Continue reading Guide for mapping air pollution

Request for proposals: Gasoline and diesel fuel quality audit for India

In view of the upcoming nationwide rollout of BS VI emission standards and fuel quality standards, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is seeking to undertake a comprehensive survey of motor gasoline and automotive diesel fuel quality across India.The objective of this project is to sample motor gasoline and automotive grade diesel across India, … Continue reading Request for proposals: Gasoline and diesel fuel quality audit for India

Spotlight: Dr. Pratyush Kumar

Dr.  Pratyush  Kumar  is  a  Family  Physician  and  has  completed DNB  Family  Medicine  from  Sir Ganga  Ram Hospital  in Delhi where  he  was  also  awarded  Best  DNB  Doctor. He  is  currently working  as  Senior  Resident  in the Department  of  Geriatrics  at  Patna Medical  College Hospital.  Dr. Kumar is  passionate  about  rural  health,  climate change and digital … Continue reading Spotlight: Dr. Pratyush Kumar