Satellite-Derived PM2.5 Data Across India

Dr. Sagnik Dey and Dr. Dilip Ganguly at IIT-Delhi have been working on the a new project entitled- Satellite-Based Application For Air Quality Monitoring and Management at National Scale (SAANS). The project is supported by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC). Can you tell us … Continue reading Satellite-Derived PM2.5 Data Across India

Air Pollution Web Repository for India

While air pollution has taken prominence in political and public debates in India in the last few years, there has been a misnomer that the research on the subject is lagging and nascent. To put this notion to rest, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) –National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) launched India’s first … Continue reading Air Pollution Web Repository for India

State of Global Air 2018

The Health Effects Institute has launched the State of Global Air 2018. More about the analysis and report from HEI:  Background  Most of the world’s population lives in areas where air quality is unhealthy. An estimated 95% of people live in areas where ambient (outdoor)  fine particulate matter concentrations (small dust or soot particles in the air) … Continue reading State of Global Air 2018

AQ Forecasting in India

In 2016, UrbanEmissions.Info launched two public portals - http://www.DelhiAirQuality.Info and http://www.IndiaAirQuality.Info, disseminating modeled forecasts of air quality and source contributions for the next 3 days. This is a “bottom-up” approach; with forward linkages to data coming from the monitoring networks (on-ground, mobile, and satellite) to validate, calibrate, and authenticate, as much as possible. Similar systems … Continue reading AQ Forecasting in India

Open access data on PM2.5 in India

The original gridded global PM2.5 files are available @ Individual gridded, state, and district level maps for years 1998 to 2014 for India are available here The state and district boundary shapefiles used for this analysis are from 2011 Census, and are available at Github PM2.5 trends for Indian states from 1998-2015- view  PM2.5 trends … Continue reading Open access data on PM2.5 in India

PM2.5 estimates for India

Dr. Sarath Guttikunda and his team at have lauched PM2.5 estimates  for India from the year 1998 onwards based on satellite data from Randall Martin's group and modelling analyses. Click here for details and to access the underlying data