National Clean Air Programme: What’s in the words?

Comment period is currently open for the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP, see blog entry here), and Shahzad Gani conducted a text analytics assessment of the document to identify words and themes. Some interesting patterns emerged from this analysis. The words 'air' and 'pollution' were mentioned more than 100 times in the NCAP document. Here … Continue reading National Clean Air Programme: What’s in the words?

Air Pollution in Hinjawadi

Hinjawadi is a suburb located in Pune (Maharashtra), India, mainly known for the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park. The 2800-acre IT park in Hinjawadi, houses hundreds of companies of different sizes. (Wikipedia) A poem on the current situation of air pollution in the area: धुआँ धुआँ जल रहा गांव मेरा, कफन से बांध दिया मुँह मेरा। घुट … Continue reading Air Pollution in Hinjawadi