What in the world: Anti-smog towers

In 2019, anti-smog towers or outdoor air purifiers were floated as an idea for controlling air pollution. Not for the first time. Before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in 2010, an Italian company installed a $300,000-air-filter in Connaught Place, claiming it to be the cleanest spot in Delhi. There are no numbers to back this up, except for the 2.5 … Continue reading What in the world: Anti-smog towers

LetMeBreathe (LMB)- #PollutionStories

Let Me Breathe (LMB) is a platform that provides space to document and tell stories of living and surviving air pollution in India. It started out as a hashtag used by Delhiites while uploading their videologs documenting their days of high pollution but over time has quickly developed into a pan India movement. LMB combines … Continue reading LetMeBreathe (LMB)- #PollutionStories

Press Conference: Air Pollution in Kolkata

Kolkata Clean Air organized a press conference on March 22nd focusing on air pollution and health in the city. Panelists included: Dr. Abhijit Sarkar- Lead Consultant, Narayana MultiSpecialty Hospital Dr. Arup Haldar - Consultant Pulmonologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Dr. Chandrakanth - Medical Oncology Narayana Superspeciality Hospital Dr. Lalit Kapoor - Cardiac Surgeon, RN Tagore Hospital … Continue reading Press Conference: Air Pollution in Kolkata

Newsletter_June/July 2017

Great news! You can now search for media stories at Air Quality in India's media database. Click here for details, and spread the word! Do you have any tips for finding regional media stories on air pollution? Share them with me, so I can expand the database. 🙂 The literature database is also slowly moving to the same … Continue reading Newsletter_June/July 2017

Data on exposure to air pollution inadequate

"Data from developed countries is not readily translatable in the Indian context due to differences in source types, as well as lifestyle. Much of the research has focused on large cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata), and there is little ambient or indoor pollution data for smaller cities and towns. Characterisation of pollutant concentrations in … Continue reading Data on exposure to air pollution inadequate