Early Career Perspective: Abhiir Bhalla

Abhiir is a youth environmentalist and sustainability consultant. Currently a second year student at Ashoka University, he is pursuing a degree in Political Science and International Relations and is currently working as the Director - Operations and Community Engagement at Care for Air, a non-profit working on air pollution. He has over 7 years of … Continue reading Early Career Perspective: Abhiir Bhalla

Early Career Perspective: Prerita Agarwal

 Prerita is a first-year doctoral student in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at the School of GeoSciences, The University of Edinburgh, UK. She has an MPhil in Environment Science & Sustainable Development from Banaras Hindu University and Master’s degree in Environment Management from IP University. She is motivated by her fascination for the tiny invisible particles in the … Continue reading Early Career Perspective: Prerita Agarwal